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Puffin Productions represents Peter Puffin's Whale Tales (the concert act), and Peter Lenton:  the award winning educator, and internationally acclaimed family entertainer who uses music to celebrate caring for the environment and each other, community building, and the wonderful world we live in!

Over a million people have experienced the world of Peter Puffin through public & school concerts, workshops, artist-in-residence programs, CDs, DVDs, Videos and Teaching Resources!

Peter taps the wonderful power of music to inspire kids and grown-ups to discover creativity and talents, and celebrate: environmental literacy, values education, boosting self esteem, multiple intelligences, peace making, community building and lifelong learning!

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Alberta Students tap the universal power of music to boost learning during Puffin artist-in-residence! Peter Puffin Helped GW Smith School write and record their own School CD / Living Album and Songbook!

Heartfelt thanks to the wonderful staff, supportive parents and students for such a warm welcome! This 6-day artist-in-residency included…


First Puffin Concerts Confirmed for Summer 2015 Cross-Canada Tour – July 18 in gorgeous Elk Island National Park - 2 shows on Parks Day!

Still feeling gratitude for Thanksgiving weekend… Spent the days bicycling in the sunshine, and calling friends / family to express appreciation about our shared lives.  Also marked the weekend with spectacular sunset hiking and wildlife sightings in Elk Island National Park…  coincidentally the site of Peter’s 1sttwo confirmed concerts, celebrating Canadian Parks Day, July 18, 2015 !  Guess you could say we were doing some early reconnaissance! So thrilling to glimpse…


Two Wonderful Puffin Concert Experiences Celebrate Alberta Arts and Culture Days in Hinton, Alberta.

Among the local artisan tapestry quilts and gorgeous paintings hung with care, in the Hinton Centre's Grand Hall, families gathered to sing, play instruments and wear WILD costumes to act out the lives of local animals...  Peter mentioned that: it really is a precious scene... where a performer gets to facilitate an atmosphere of mutual trust... kids have the courage to come up on stage and take a chance, particpating in songs celebrating the creative spirit, and calling upon their own budding artistic talents... to help lead the show!  Parents were...

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