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Puffin Productions represents Peter Puffin's Whale Tales (the concert act), and Peter Lenton:  the award winning educator, and internationally acclaimed family entertainer who uses music to celebrate caring for the environment and each other, community building, and the wonderful world we live in!

Over a million people have experienced the world of Peter Puffin through public & school concerts, workshops, artist-in-residence programs, CDs, DVDs, Videos and Teaching Resources!

Peter taps the wonderful power of music to inspire kids and grown-ups to discover creativity and talents, and celebrate: environmental literacy, values education, boosting self esteem, multiple intelligences, peace making, community building and lifelong learning!

What's New? Including what's latest on the Official Puffin Productions Blog

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Puffin Celebrates Olympians and Caring for Canadian Parks at Kerry Wood Nature Centre Dancefest!

So welcoming to see so many familiar faces… and have the kids just jump up and start dancing!  Big THANKS to the staff, volunteers and parents for setting such a comfortable atmosphere for the youngsters, so that they felt completely free to just move to the beats and tunes!  One of Peter’s new songs underlined how the Olympic spirit of perseverance can be applied to saving animal homes and protecting wild, green spaces, to maintain a healthy planet!Peter said:  Always love playing here, the people are so appreciative… Red Deer rocks!

Peter Puffin’s Whale Tales releases digital cover of song: “Homegrown Tomatoes”, written by legendary craftsman Guy Clark.

Though more and more Puffin concert-goers already know the words to our original songs… there are so many inspiring songs by other artists! "Homegrown Tomatoes" is one of our concert staples, because it so much fun to sing, and kids and grown-ups join in so easily. This song and "The Cape" on our Passengers album are both written by one of our favourite songwriting mentors, Guy Clark.

You can almost taste the sunshine in a homegrown tomato… and we love these sunshine days growing longer!

Though we are excitedly working on an album of Puffin homegrown tunes, we have a long term vision to record a whole album of cover songs. For now, we hope you enjoy "Homegrown Tomatoes" as much as audiences do! Guaranteed to raise a smile!

GREAT teachers in the education pipeline! Peter shares Puffin Workshop with Queen’s University B.Ed. Students, in Kingston, Ontario.

Kids, parents and teachers… in Canadian (and beyond!) communities, can rest assured that passionate, dedicated educators are heading their way! Peter was invited back to deliver an interactive workshop at his own Teacher’s College this week. “The welcome was heartwarming! I was really impressed by how enthusiastic and interactive the participants were! Everyone jumped right into the activities; offering glimpses of field-tested approaches that tap music to explore all subjects, and help students feel like they belong…” Stay tuned to this blog for workshop session notes!

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