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Music Supervisors / Song licensing

Peter Lenton's songs (and stems) are available for licensing.  Since we own all rights, it is a one-stop shop.  Clips can be heard via  Please call toll-free 1 (888) 878-3346.

Merchandise and Teaching Resources

Thanks for visiting our community store! Peter is honoured to work with many talented musicians, artists and educators to produce multiple award-winning albums, videos, teaching resources, and other cool Puffin merchandise!
We are in stores, on radio / TV and on-line all over this wonderful world!  You can also buy Puffin stuff right here... 24/7!  Thanks for sharing this music-making dream come true... Good luck with all you do! We still accept Interac e-transfer & cheques.

"I have always steered clear of talking down to kids.  Their innocent smartnesses are akin to a pure wisdom that they sense me respecting, so the hearts open and the mutual trust grows.  It is a precious zone that I encourage in concert and on recordings."  Peter Lenton

proud like a mountainProud Like a Mountain (Juno Award Version)

Peter's ever-popular album "Proud Like a Mountain" WON a 2011 JUNO for Children's Album of the year!

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Proud Like a Mountain (band version) | Duct Tape Blues (band version) | Homegrown Tomatoes (Guy Clark) | If I Were You | At Sunnyside School | Dancing Fingers (instrumental) | Talk About Peace  (Joe Hampson) | Disappearing Water Blues | Watercolour Days | Slippers (instrumental) | Yoho | Set Me Free | Lonesome Road | Campfire Light  (Ian Tamblyn) | Lisa's Song | Metamorphosis

“My boys, who saw you perform last week, impressed me when they suddenly started singing "Proud Like A Mountain." They remembered the lyrics (and actions) a week later! Needless to say, just bought your CD from iTunes. Great stuff!” Editor, Weekly Arts Newspaper, Calgary, Alberta.

“Peter’s music offers an uplifting, lighthearted musical message about perseverance, environmental responsibility, peace-making and boosting self-esteem.” Ottawa Parenting Times Magazine, Ontario, Canada.

“In Waterton Lakes National Park we were lucky enough to see you perform twice and thankfully, brought your CD back with us to Vancouver Island. My daughter is now eight months and I like singing to her.  I like singing Proud as a Mountain because she like it and it makes me feel good.”  Saul Spearing, Nanaimo Vancouver Island

The song and the album are already multiple award winners! They won 3rd Place in the Americana / Roots category of Billboard Magazine's, world-wide competition! That’s 3rd on this whole precious planet, from thousands of entries!  Thanks to all for the shouts!

You can own the whole limited edition Proud Like a Mountain CD which includes songs about peace-building, caring for the environment and each other.

Song clips can be heard via CD Baby and iTunes.

Includes concert favourites like: 'Talk About Peace', Sunnyside School (celebrating school community building), 'The Disappearing Water Blues' (recorded in a shower!), 'Yoho' (a hiking song about saving habitat for wild animals)... full band versions of the award winning 'Proud Like a Mountain' and 'Duct Tape Blues', and many more songs celebrating: self-esteem building, storytelling, environmental stewardship, sustainable development, and the true wealth that comes from treasuring our strong families and healthy friendships!

Thanks to everyone for loving the deluxe album packaging and full band studio versions of our popular concert songs.  We are so proud of all the amazing musicians who contributed their exceptional talents… colouring in and around the songs!

teacher guide for Peter Puffin & the Whale Tales CD.

CD & + Sheet music package  

If you like sheet music, we have a package that combines our CD "Proud Like a Mountain" plus the sheet music for the title track.

proud like a mountainProud Like a Mountain (Deluxe Digital Album)

Puffin songs now available for digital download via Itunes, CD-Baby and world-wide affiliates!

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Proud Like a Mountain (Band Version) | Duct Tape Blues (Band Version) | Song of Freedom | If I Were You | At Sunnyside School | Dancing Fingers |   Passengers (Farewell) | Disappearing Water Blues | Watercolour Days | Slippers | Yoho (The Hiking Song) | Set Me Free | Lonesome Road |   Duct Tape Blues (Banjo/Dobro Version) | Lisa's Song | Metamorphosis | At Sunnyside School ('Live' At Sunnyside School) Bonus Track |   Climate Change Blues ('Live' At Sunnyside School) Bonus Track

“I buy your Proud Like a Mountain CD for all my friends who are having kids… You are #1 in our house!” Mom, Edmonton, Alberta.

"Our Principal brought in your 'Proud Like a Mountain' song and played it over the P.A for the whole school to hear. I was so inspired by the song that I 'Googled' you and ordered the CD!" Teacher, Faraday School, Winnipeg.

"Peter, we've come especially to see you... the kids listen to your stuff all the time.  They wouldn't let us do anything else today!"  Parent, Thunder Bay International Children's Festival.

Take Peter's songs with you everywhere you go, like a soundtrack for your own life movie! The Deluxe Version includes concert sneak peeks of the Climate Change Blues, and a rare recording of At Sunnyside School, recorded at THE Sunnyside School in Peter's good 'ol neighbourhood of Sunnyside, in Calgary, Alberta Canada!

Bonus tracks on the Digital Album include Song of Peace, Passengers Farewell and a rare out-take of Duct tape Blues that emphasizes the cool sound of the dobro slide and banjo.

A great gift idea is purchasing CD-sized download stickers from us at Puffin Productions.  People have reported that these are great to include in a birthday card or letter sent by snail mail.  Ie. No increase in postage but they get Peter’s award winning songs… cool!  Once songs have been downloaded via a code at the CD Baby site, they will have a great sticker of the cover to collect and trade with friends!"  (please call for bulk / corporate discounts) 

festival soupFestival Soup

A best-selling compilation CD of the most requested songs from Peter's first two CDs!

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Proud Like a Mountain | Save the Whales (McDonald) | Bike Helmet Blues | Passengers |    Peace Like a River (Frey) | Kid Hearts | Do the Dragonfly (Brennan) | Burrowing Owls | The Cape (Clark) |  Whales Are Waiting

“Thanks for the fantastic concert! We don’t even have kids and we love your songs. Can you sign this CD for us?” Two Grown-ups with Kid Hearts, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“Great melody!  Inspiring song, lyrics, and arrangement!”  Celebrity Judge, Billboard World Song Contest (from contest evaluation sheet)

Available as download and stream from iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, CD Baby(also has CD)

Includes concert favorite “Proud Like a Mountain” (Soup Mix), a wonderful early version with just Peter’s voice and guitar, plus Erika Faith’s high harmony", and the poignant song “Kid Hearts”, which explores the precious, caring, points of view that youngsters seem to be born with!  The one that made David Suzuki cry… happy tears!

passengersPassengers (CD)

An excellent resource for any home or classroom! Music designed to teach as well as entertain.

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Passengers - Arrival | Passengers - Celebration | Kids Hearts | Where A Border Need Not Be (Remy Rodden) | Place in the Choir (Bill Staines) | If Burrowing Owls Could Speak | The No Good, Low-Down | Elementary Science Curriculum Blues |   Cowpie Serenade  (Ken Lonnquist) | The Cape  (Guy Clark) | Big Kid Blues | Extinction Train |   Going Going Gone | Passengers – Farewell

“We listen to your songs whenever we are driving… around town, on vacation… everywhere! We all sing along and even long drives become a kind of celebration! Grateful Parent, Victoria, BC.

Designed to accompany Elementary Science, Social, Language Arts, and Environmental, Outdoor  Education Curriculum. Peter's second recording of twelve songs celebrates endangered species and spaces. Special guest Captain Wilderness is welcomed into this musical journey!

whale talesPeter Puffin's Whale Tales (1st album: self-titled CD) 


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Get Ready | Duct Tape Blues (Soup Mix) | Save the Whales (Country Joe McDonald) | Bike Helmet Blues | The Bug Song (Stompin’ Tom Connors) |
Do the Dragonfly (Billy B. Brennan) | Green Kids on the Loose | Let the Sun Shine (Lenton/Jamieson) | The Body Beat | Peace Like A River (Traditional) | . Right Beside (Ron Mason) | Listen to the Water (Bob Schneider) | Whales Are Waiting | Proud Like a Mountain (Soup Mix) | Song of Freedom

All songs music & lyrics by Peter Lenton, except where indicated.

“What I liked about Peter Puffin is how he taught us information in his songs.” Student, Elbow Park School, Calgary, Alberta

“Dear Mr. & Mrs. Lenton, Thank you very much for the recording your son made. I like all the songs but my favorites are the Bug Song and the Dragonfly Rap. Mummy and I have great fun doing all the actions. Love, Ben.” London, England.

Peter Puffin's Whale tales ENHANCED Multi-Media CD
Digitally re-recorded material from the ever-popular original recording... including ten songs about the environment, celebrating friends, and community building... plus 5 new songs and concert video clips, archival still photos of puffins and Peter in performance!

The photos for the CD case sleeve taken by Peter during his days as a biologist on the Quebec North Shore of The Gulf Of the St. Lawrence River, on St. Mary's Island seabird sanctuary, Canada.

Two activity booklets have been designed to enhance the experience of using this CD in the classroom by providing FUN and educational activities accompany each of the songs on this recording. Parents often pick up the Listen and Draw Booklet to accompany the CD for homeschooling and to keep learning going during long car trip vacations.

teacher guide for Peter Puffin & the Whale Tales CD.

Peter Puffin & The Whale Tales Activity Booklet - TEACHER'S VERSION

Listen and draw activity book

Peter Puffin & the Whale Tales Listen and Draw Student Activity Booklet.

whale talesVideo Recordings

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“When my students watch your video, they are immediately engaged because they remember the fantastic experience they had at your concert… and then they are primed to learn!”  Teacher, Ottawa, Canada.

“Your folky, bluesy music has been the springboard for many thought provoking conversations... in fact my youngster is quite proud of being a ‘Green (environmental) Kid’! You do important work. Thank you.” Parent, Calgary, Alberta.

“Our children really responded to your songs and stories and I have a feeling we'll be hearing about you for awhile... Could you sign the CD to them?” Two Moms, Thunder Bay Children's Festival.

1,000 Voices 'Live'  (DVD) :  This 33 minute video captures the magic and educational content of a Peter Puffin’s Whale Tales concert experience.  Excellent for home and at school to reinforce the environmental literacy, self-esteem boosting, and community-building concepts introduced at a 'live' show.

Peter Puffin & the Whale Tales Tour '97 Video (Live Concert DVD or VHS)Recorded in June, 1997, on the final day of a 220 school tour, this hour long production captures the early days of Peter's touring show. Includes rare performances of songs that have not been included on Peter's first two releases.  Also includes the 'live' favourites: Bike Helmet Blues and The Whales Are Waiting, where student volunteers wear costumes of whale tails and a puffin.

Song For The Earth (DVD or VHS & Teaching Activities)This package has been bought by over five hundred school boards and educators across North America. The production has been broadcast nationally over forty times on First/Choice Super Channel, reaching an estimated half million homes each broadcast, and generating a great deal of conservation artwork and letter mail from kids. Winner of the Great Canadian Shorts Contest (Prize $5,000)!

A blend of images of endangered species and spaces (many in Canada) set to an evocative soundtrack by Jim Scott, with accompanying activities.

The Conservation Trilogy (DVD or VHS & Teaching Activities) These three programs (all on one video) encourage environmental literacy and come with curriculum tied activity suggestions and black-line masters of student worksheets. All three productions have been broadcast on national TV in Canada!

  • Video #1: What A Land, What A Sky showcases images from a six-week wilderness adventure across Canada. An excellent addition to language arts, science, geography and music programs.
  • Video #2: We Recycle is a fast paced look at the three Rs as a lifestyle, rather than a fashion or fad.
  • Video #3: Broken Beauty: The Ballad Of Block D explores the fragile beauty of a large tract of undeveloped land on the downtown Kingston (Ontario) waterfront. The question is not necessarily: should development occur? But more accurately: What type of development, and for whom?

Includes lesson activities/worksheets for all 3 productions

Puffin Productions is proud to produce award-winning, nationally broadcast programs… that help kids of all ages realize that by taking care of the earth, we are taking care of our selves, future generations, and saving a home for all the  magnificent flora and fauna that struggle to thrive on our fragile planet.  Habitat is where it’s at!

Peter puffin's whale tales t-shirtsT-Shirts

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“My family and I were lucky enough to meet Peter at both Presqu'ile Provincial Park and in our hometown of Ottawa last summer.  They wear their Puffin t-shirts all the time!  Now that my son's in JK, I'd love to buy a copy of your Proud Like a Mountain CD and the sheet music for his JK teacher for Christmas!”   Parent, Ontario, Canada.

A young fan at the T-shirt launch!

A young fan at the
T-shirt launch!

 Puffin T-shirt:  Peter Puffin’s Whale Tales Cartoon Logo available in sizes for ages 2-4, 4-6, 6-8.

Peter is pleased to autograph T-shirts, CDs, etc.  Just let us know!

Check out all the great gifts, maybe even our gorgeous limited edition Peter Puffin's Whale Tales T-Shirts, and award-winning CD's, for height efficient people on your birthday and Christmas lists!

Proud like a mountain sheet music."Proud Like A Mountain" Sheet Music

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Printable PDF Order Form

“Received your sheet music this morning and already have some of the kids learning it.  It has been a HIT!  I cannot thank you enough!  You are obviously a very talented man!  Thank you for sharing your gifts with so many children!”  Music Teacher, Hibbing, Minnesota, USA.  

Vocal, Piano and Guitar sheet music for Peter Lenton's most popular, multiple (eg. Billboard and JUNO) award-winning song!

Learn to play and sing this uplifting song that often raises the roof at Peter Puffin's Whale Tales concerts! Our first sheet music - expert transcription by Darryl Dewalt, with playing tips / notes by the songwriter.

whale tales teachers' guideTEACHER’S GUIDE to Accompany Peter Puffin's Whale Tales CD

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Printable PDF Order Form

“... Awesome... I’ve been using the songs in my music classes and my students love the booklet activities too.  The messages are excellent and age appropriate.” Lawrence Grassi Middle School, Canmore, Alberta.

Best selling Teacher's Version Activity Booklet for Peter's first recording.  This guide takes teachers and students though classroom tested science, social studies and language arts activities and blackline masters  designed to celebrate themes (eg. Environmental science literacy, bike helmet safety, community/peace-building) introduced by the songs. 

listen and draw activity bookLISTEN & DRAW:  Laminated Student Activity Pages to accompany Peter Puffin's Whale Tales CD 

(includes dry erase pen)

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“Peter left so many ready-to-use curriculum-tied activities at our school, to keep the innovative learning going, after his fantastic artist-in-residence week.  Highly practical, easy-to use and the students love them!  Teacher, Alberta, Canada.

Kids listen to songs and do accompanying, curriculum-tied activities. Music makes the learning even more efficient and FUN!

Ideal for classroom centers, individualized instruction and self-directed learning. Parents say they love watching their kids listening and drawing in the car back seat on family trips... Keeping the learning going and keeping the kids out of the driver’s hair! Many grown-ups report finding themselves drawn-in to the learning process! 

multiple intelligences

Making the Most of Multiple Intelligences to accompany Festival Soup CD

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Printable PDF Order Form

“We bought a whole set of your teaching resources and CD’s… they are circulating school-wide.  We start the day with your music playing in the halls… You can hear students singing the songs at lunch time and as they go out for recess.  Thanks for sharing your wonderful music and teaching approaches!  Principal, Nova Scotia.

Howard Gardner's theories help teachers and parents cultivate the multiple learning modalities, gifts and talents in every child.  The activities in this booklet use music to encourage students to find and develop each of their multiple smartnesses. 

whales of wonder

Whales of Wonder

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Printable PDF Order Form

“Exciting concert experience, easy-to-listen-to CD’s and classroom activities to reinforce the show’s pertinent themes, and a stellar web site to keep the kids connected to Peter’s latest news and inspiration.  Please let us know when you are back in our area!”  Principal, Manitoba, Canada.

Booklet of the "cream" activities from a year-long oceanography unit!  Emphasis on learning language arts literacy via various subjects.  Includes cloze activities and whale poetry frame templates.

Check out the cover up close at our Whales of Wonder animation page

Help yourself to our Whale Facts activity sheet (pdf) or the Ocean Word Search activity

environmentally tuned to the biggest classroom of them all.

Environmentally Tuned to the Biggest Classroom of Them All!

(co-edited by Jeff Reading and Peter Lenton)  7th printing!

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Printable PDF Order Form

Fun games and activities that are adaptable to all grades.  Excellent way to reinforce environmental science /outdoor education concepts.  Includes thorough index of outdoor, experiential, and classroom activities, cross referenced by all subject areas.  Also categorized as pre, during, and post field trip… for maximizing real learning during off-site excursions.