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Workshops & Keynotes

We invite you to tap one of Canada’s best teaching resource people… A storytelling, guitar slinging Juno Award winner, to inspire your next PD celebration!

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Peter Lenton, B.Ed. is in high demand as a workshop facilitator and musical keynote presenter, for professional educators as well as for student conferences and also accepts invitations to speak with adult learners and teachers-in-training.  His super-charged optimism and enthusiasm about the present and future potential of education is highly infectious! 

Conventions / Conferences / Keynotes!  Peter is well known around Alberta (and beyond!) Conventions and PD Days for his interactive, hands-on sessions that are directly practical in the classroom, and FUN, rejuvenating experiences! 

Tailor-Made Invigorating PD – We invite you to inquire early!  Peter accepts a limited number of workshops and musical keynotes each year, and is always developing new material to answer the evolving needs of the 21st Century Learners/Educators.  As the educational environment is changing… the roles of teaching and learning community members are transitioning.  Peter’s workshops are designed to resonate within this “living” educational arena.

Peter blends many pedagogical approaches to offer participants new points of view on how to reach even more of their students… and in turn inspire students to discover their own individual creativity and talents to maximize their learning.
Peter’s extensive experience and “past lives” as a teacher, curriculum specialist, video producer and biologist… make him a highly sought-after facilitator in a number of PD environments:

Workshops (for educators) - click to view description

For Conventions, Specialist Council and Curriculum Conferences, regional and school PD Days, and more!  Interactive, hands-on and a refreshing change of pace from the daily lives of educators… and people often walk away feeling even more validated and appreciated!

Rich Teaching Resources reinforce workshop experiences!  Peter continues to design award-winning CD / DVD activity booklet packages, that resonate with the workshop and keynote themes. He also writes detailed workshop notes for participants, so they can fully concentrate on actually experiencing the activities. 

Samples of Educator Workshops include:

  • 21st Century Kids!  If Kids Ruled The World... (in the 21st Century!)  (K-6): Join multiple award-winning, guitar-slinger Peter Puffin (aka Peter Lenton, B.Ed.) for an empowering, wildly interactive workshop that celebrates the various 21st Century Learning Literacies... with creativity. Inspiring songs, real life storytelling and accompanying activities, that encourage curiosity and authentic, lifelong learning about topics like     technology and science / nature stewardship, that   matter in the every day lives of students. Communication and literacy skills can be shared even more efficiently and enjoyably via the universal language of music.  This highly interactive concert will excite students (and staff!)... about exploring their rapidly changing world both in, and beyond the classroom!
  • WILD Writers!  Going, Going, GREEN!  (K-6): Tapping Nature to inspire writing. Re-connecting with Nature & tapping the universal language of music, tunes students for creative writing.  Come experience these FUN musical, multi-sensory & multiple intelligences activities, to encourage language / environmental literacy.
  • Proud Like a Mountain!  Using Music to teach Social Studies & Science  (K-6): Tapping Music to teach Social Studies & Science for the “musically yet to be trained!”  ACTUALLY DO these musical, storytelling & self esteem boosting activities, to encourage values education & school community building.  Includes detailed handout.
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Musical Keynotes (for educators) - click to view description 

Peter taps the universal language of music and the resonating power of  storytelling, to thrill audiences at conventions, conferences and PD days.  He has a way of offering highly effective teaching approaches and tips… while helping the listener celebrate contributing to one of the most important vocations on our planet.  Peter’s sessions are designed for the musically yet-to-be-trained… and his stories resonate deeply in the hearts of people who really care about their life’s work!  “Your songs touch the heart and educate the soul!” Teacher, Alberta

From community concerts in Casablanca, Morocco and Albuquerque, New Mexico… to musical keynotes and packed workshops at major conventions all over Alberta and the Yukon… to raise-the-roof workshop and concert hall audience sing-alongs from coast to coast in Canada… “Peter brings a lifetime of extraordinary experiences to energize our teaching practice.”

Please visit our recordings and accompanying, curriculum-tied activity booklets and other teaching resources.

University Keynotes and Workshops - click to view description

Peter has been honoured to tailor workshops for post secondary audiences like: University of Alberta and Queen’s University teachers-in-training.  He was invited to facilitate an interactive, Environmental and Outdoor Education workshop: "Environmentally Tuned to 21st Century Education". Today’s students have lots to look forward to.

Graduating teachers are using more environmental and outdoor education activities to achieve core curriculum learning outcomes. Kids just seem to naturally love nature! Why not use this truth to reach more of your students inside the classroom, in schoolyard natural areas, and on outdoor education field trips. Every living thing will win!

Workshops (for students) - click to view description

Peter also designs  workshops to empower youngsters to take responsibility for their own learning.  The process of tapping music and other artistic skills to learn in all (especially core) subject areas is always fascinating, especially experiencing how the grown-ups and youngsters respond differently to the same FUN and exciting challenges.

The workshops done for teachers are adapted for student audiences.  Please contact us for sample descriptions.

Musical Keynotes (for students) - click to view description

Peter’s sessions for large groups of students and parents at (eg. Young Authors, Global Citizenship…) Conferences / Celebrations, provide inspiring motivation for working together to boost our communities of learners. 

Starting the conference day with one of Peter’s sensational Concert Musical Keynotes, sets an inspired tone that infuses the rest of the day’s workshops.  He is also known for providing the perfect culminating, peak of the day with his closing keynotes… sending the participants back out into their world... inspired and excited about investing in the quality of life of our local and global communities.

Concert Plus Workshops Whole Day Celebrations!(school-based) - click to view description  

One of our most popular school programs involves starting the day with an invigorating participation concert by Peter Puffin’s Whale Tales (aka Peter Lenton).  Then the students get to meet a JUNO Award winner, up-close-and-personal in smaller group classroom workshop settings. One example is to set up a recording studio for a day.  Peter helps youngsters write songs about their own interests and ties to curriculum.  Students really respond this brand of authentic learning.